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Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 95 : Is Uncharted The Best Franchise This Generation?

Wynton Harris on October 28, 2011 - 5:45 pm in Podcasts, Step Ya Game Up

Blade206, Blip74 and WorseCase come together to bring you guys another entertaining episode of Step Ya Game Up. In today’s episode we talk about the following..

– Battlefield 3

– Batman Arkham City

– Uncharted 3 bound to be GOTY?

– Once again, sales do not matter take titanic for example

– Iphone 4s conference

– Sony and Android to be united?

– Rim and Windows phone’s future

– Hey Hey Hey

– As always we have a step ya game up and much more..

Download Link: http://stepyagameup.podomatic.com/enclosure/2011-10-28T14_33_56-07_00.mp3

  • Rbluetank

    you did not say (HEY>HEY)  LMAO  TDavis sample… was lol

  • Kapado

    Yeah man’oing to bump that before bed.

  • Leejohnson222

    kool podcast, i see bf3 suffered from piracy, but then i see MW3 disc was available on torrent sites last week also, so looks like MS will ban consoles and claim suddenly they got more hardware sales.
    i read a story last week saying steve jobs wanted to spend all of apples money destroying Andriod as he said they were using stolen tech ! people just buy  iphones as they seem fashionable, they are good at everything apprat from being a phone ! GTA needs to refresh their game really the last one was not a step forward it was a step back!

  • http://twitter.com/Lifendz Lifendz

    What song was that in the beginning? Dude sounded a lot like Pac.

    • Worsecase

      it is tupac,.. its called if my homie calls

  • trapper12

    I do agree with Battlefield 3’s issues and all but it’s an ok game. All I’m about to play is some Uncharted 3 and never leave the room.

  • Anonymous
  • Montanasaigon

    how come you guy’s play street fighter so much,and none of yall can beat me lol peace from mai and i lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

      Are you getting Street Fighter X Tekken, or maybe King of Fighters 13? If you are then prepare to do battle!

      • Montanasaigon

        @worsecase well ever since i found out about king cobra im kinda taking a break from capcom games,the disrespect to the black community is actually getting to me…(no im not wimping out) lol

        @DCI i probably will get x tekken,and you reeeeeaaaaaally dont wanna play me at king of fighters my K’ is feared in japan as much as godzilla lol

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

          Oh really now? My Andy, Iori, and Kyo will have something to say about that lol. Can’t wait!!

          • Montanasaigon

            just bodied worsecase…..AGAIN lol,your next !!!!

          • Worsecase

            again? the first time we played i didnt know what i as dong.. and this time i do.. but you didn’t BODY me, yea i lost 6-2… but there was MAJOR lag with your tea cup connection.. and don’t act like your combo’s weren’t coming out because you were comboing.. I wasn’t and I know how to combo.. my characters require 5 input for bread and butter ( blanca and e-honda) and thats why my combo’s never came out.. because LAG matters when it comes to that.. those other two I had fei long and sagat doesn’t even count.. i dont main or practice with them… they are throw away characters so really I’ll give you 4-2.. GG’s but you need to fix your connection or holla at me on the BOX when you get gold …

    • Worsecase

      We gonna have to play again.. I’ll body you… lol 

  • Death Note Killa

    Right now  I think Batman AC will win and I can’t argue against it.

  • Montanasaigon

    ummmm blip needs to explain how sony keep shooting themselves in the foot wuth their handheld’s….plus him thinking that sony giving us trade ins for the vita is stupid who are they green peace…you bought the psp its yours…if you want vita GET A JOB….&btw 3ds rules !!!!! lol

  • Foker

    Winning as always !!

  • m r

    great podcast

  • m r

    What did you all think of the GTA5 video?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

      I personally loved the trailer, even though I’m not the biggest GT fan in the world. I do hope that GT5 is jam packed with options as the trailer suggests

  • m r


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

      96 should be out soon. Work schedules are conflicting again, but we are trying.

  • RalphUnreal

    I got a SYGU, Step your game up to the SYGU crew,it’s been a month without another episode. lol jk.

  • Step Your Game Up

    Dead Site Coming…even DLB post new content and a new podcast with some form of regularity