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Did Call of Duty’s Popularity Ruin the FPS Genre this Generation?

GOS Editors on November 1, 2011 - 3:50 pm in Opinion

Don Mitchell and Charles King come together to share their opinions on why they believe the Call of Duty franchise caused gamers to ignore the truly unique titles in the First Person genre.

Don Mitchell – Blip 74

Call of Duty is the most popular first person shooter franchise this generation and the competition isn’t even close, but has their popularity ruined other First Person Shooters this generation?

I will be using Killzone as my prime example because I’ve put the most time in with it. Killzone has gone through many changes, and I recently picked it up and started playing it once again and can see how the game was highly underrated. I will toss out some other games as well, just to get you thinking.

Has COD had a negative impact on FPS?

First let me start by saying, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the SHIT! I was hooked for months and there would be no GOS without that game. All that aside, at least to me, it is obvious that the franchise works off a standardize blueprint, and they just rinse and repeat every release. This is fine when COD is concerned, but for all other FPS here lays the problem…THEY ARE NOT COD. They are unique in their own way and they at least try to offer something new to the FPS genre.

Killzone is a prime example of how COD’s popularity has ruined another shooter’s ability to introduce something creative or innovative to the FPS genre. Guerilla Games created Killzone as a tactical shooter, COD is not a tactical shooter therefore it was bound to suffer.

People love to say, “It’s all about gameplay” but it’s funny when a game tries to introduce something new or different those same people aren’t willing to adapt to a different style of gameplay.

With Killzone it has steadily improved since the beginning. The first in the series was weak and that’s putting it kindly. The second was nice, but ruined by the COD community/mentality and the third was highly underrated ruined and failed for the same reasons. All three of the Killzone offerings had its shortcomings, but each had solid gameplay and introduced something new in terms of its gameplay, whether it is the campaign or multiplayer. The game just didn’t play like COD, which I don’t understand why it should because COD’s gameplay is far from perfect, and the name of the game is “Killzone” not “Call of Duty“.

Shooters like MAG and the  Battlefield, Resistance, and Killzone franchises have all gotten the comparison treatment while trying to offer something different, even though their differences are night and day.

Charles King – DCI

Let’s be real here, COD is really a quick fix when it comes to what a lot of gamers really want to see in the genre. It isn’t that COD are bad games and no one should play them, but their popularity overshadows games that blow it out of the water when it comes to creativity and innovation. There are dozens of First Person Shooters that are released every year, but the sad part is that gamers have judged certain games unfairly because they don’t contain the arcade and twitch gameplay we have come to expect from COD. Mirror’s Edge is a great example, as the game is more of a FPP (First Person Platformer) more than a shooter. I’m sure just the concept alone made most FP fans turn their heads in disgust.

Borderlands and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are examples of shooters that bring more to the table and has enough experiences to keep you full for weeks. I will admit, Borderlands was a buggy mess but the content alone made you forgive the game for its many glitches. Regarding Borderlands 2, It should be a crime for anyone to overlook it. Trust me on this one!

Borderlands 2

Both of these great games sold pretty well, and sales isn’t everything mind you, but I would rather see shooters that think outside the box have astronomical sales over games that basically stay the same every time they are released.

Sometimes I think not appealing to the masses is what keeps certain shooters great, because you are truly free to do what you want with the game without pressure. However, the lure to dilute your game knowing it will sell solely from popularity and hype can be hard to ignore.

I think we have COD to blame for that…

  • http://www.facebook.com/echeverriamario Mario Echeverria

    Blame the developers of Killzone for making a COD-clone. Don’t blame COD.
    Call of Duty SAVED the FPS market. Without Call of Duty the market would never have been this big. Without COD, these COD-clones would never have been released since they had nothing to copy.

    Yeah, some unique FPS out there sell lower than they deserve but if it wasn’t for COD, there wouldn’t be a place for those FPS.

    (BTW I find it funny that you call Killzone innovative when its just a Halo clone just like Resistance.)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

      1. You must not know what the word clone means, because you continue to misuse it in your comment. 
      2. The FPS genre doesn’t need saving.
      3. Just because there are companies trying to cash in on COD doesn’t mean that the market is big, it just means the market is saturated with actual clones. 
      4. Killzone is a benchmark for console graphics and introduced a cover system in a FPS. Please tell me how that is copying Halo? Like I said, you don’t know what the word clone means lol. Oh yea, because Resistance and Killzone are both Sci-fi just like Halo. If that’s the case then Halo is a clone of Doom and Quake.

      Nice try though…

      • Blip74

        DCI I don’t see why you would like me to respond to this cat. He clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. You said more than enough. His comment is so laughable. He only knows COD and Halo, how do I talk to him? COD SAVED the FPS market. LMAO

        • http://www.facebook.com/echeverriamario Mario Echeverria

          1. I’m not a cat. I’m a human being.
          2. I know way more than COD and Halo. In fact I’ve never played a Halo game in my entire life. Its not hard to spot the Halo and COD clones out there. If a game has killstreaks its a COD clone. If the characters wear some kind of space-suit then its a Halo clone.
          3. You’re right didn’t “save” the FPS market. It didn’t need saving, but COD did expand the market and open it up to other publishers to make some money.(with their COD clones)

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

            Expanding the market with clones isn’t a good thing at all. If Killstreaks is the only similarity you can find in the games then my point is already proven. Killstreaks is pretty much what COD is centered around, but KZ3 needs more tactical gameplay.

          • Anonymous

            so every movie about space is a clone of star wars ? or a trip to the moon 1902 ? hold on !! i saw a car in the new GTA 5 trailer, oh my life must be a clone of Tommys turnin turbo from 1983 since it has a car in it also.

      • http://www.facebook.com/echeverriamario Mario Echeverria

        1. I played the Killzone 3 beta. It has Killstreaks. Infinity Ward invented killstreaks with COD4. Killzone 3 copied it.
        2. No, it didn’t need saving but Call of Duty expanded the market exponentially. If I’m not mistaken a COD game(I believe MW2?) was the first to hit 1 billion in revenue.
        3. Don’t get what you’re trying to say here.
        4. yeah Killzone 3 graphics are amazing. Gameplay not so much though.(played the beta and the feel of the character just isn’t right). Oh and didn’t Gears of War invent the cover system? You can’t look at killzone and deny its not a Halo clone, I mean its really obvious. Master Chief wears a space suit. The guy in Killzone wears some sort of gas mask thing which is obviously inspired by Halo.

        • Anonymous

          ha haha aha ha ha you ever heard of any tom clancy games ? rainbow six ? they had a cover system long before gears of war was even an idea, you played killzone ? ha ha shows how much you know, the guy you play doesnt wear any gas mask thats the enemy !! Halo now come on we all know what thats copied from the best fps game of its time half life, dude you need to learn something about game history before you bring your fanboy xbox chat online, halo is not THE best game of all time, maybe for you, but opinions are subjective its not absolute ! the pc rules the game world long before xbox and long before ps1.

        • laurenzosmithy

          Gears of war didnt invented the cover system they just almost perfected it and COD didnt invent killstreaks or perks it just made them popular do ur research

    • Anonymous

      ever seen the idea of picking up dog tags to confirm the kill on crysis 2 ? guess whats in COD mw3 ?

      • http://www.facebook.com/echeverriamario Mario Echeverria

        That dog tag thing in Crysis 2 is used towards killstreaks.
        In MW3 you pick up dog tags to confirm a kill and give your team points. You can also pick up your own dog tag and deny the other team a point. Oh and this is just one of the many game modes in MW3.

        • Anonymous

          potatoe, potatoe, why not split hairs ? it clearly a game play idea they decided to copy, the idea is the same, what they do with it is different, honestly grow up

    • Anonymous

      dont remeber seeing the range of incredible weapons in halo like resistance (secondary use etc), dont remeber seeing intelligent AI in halo like killzone, A developer who attempts to try something different like a cover in FP perspective which has NOT been done anywhere else is innovative, the fps market didnt need saving ! ha ha why would you think that, with tom clancy games, battlefield, crysis etc you ever played crysis 1 on pc full spec? when the game released there was a setting that couldnt even be used as the hardware was not out yet to run it, the fps genre did not need saving there were and still are better games than COD arcade twitch shooter.

  • Anonymous

    have to agree, its seems this gen people are simply brain washed into buying COD each and every year, I mean of course the games have a high production value to them, but riddiculas ultra short stories, predicable quick time events and more set pieces than any other game.Sometimes i think more hollywood movie elements are added rather than looking at new gameplay.Online is not perfect, lag, awful spawn points, unbalanced weapons and perks, not to mention the endless hacks of people who cant play a fuking game without cheating, what a sad way to be. The endless grind to get to 10th presigue for what? a little virtual badge next to your name, now if they rewarded you with say 2 new maps or something you could use that might be worth it. I lost interest in this series long ago @Mario Since when is killzone a cod clone? and resistance a clone of halo? halo is pretty limited and aside from the first game its pretty boring,if you mean both games have aliens in then your right,maybe bungie watched the aliens movie?  Dont forget halo/ MS wouldnt even be in the game industry if it wasnt for playstation and Nintendo.Most developers play other games and get inspiration even bungie say they were amazed by uncharted. Ever heard of eye toy, singstar, buzz and many other franchises started by sony and then incredibly arrive on the xbox 360 ! (Kinect, Lips,Scene it) also not sure how even saying some fps games are clones actually contributes to the article here.

  • Red_chinee13

    I play COD because it’s fun and all of my friends play it. Another main reason I play COD is simply because it has LEGACY controls for the sticks. It is the only control scheme I feel comfortable with. It’s simply too hard for me to aim and be competitive online with the controls of other games. I really liked Killzone 2 and Resistance 1 but they did not have legacy and so I never even bothered to try KZ3 and R2 and 3. I have also written to the developers of these games many times to address this. Games like shooters and sports games should always have full customization! 

    • Red_chinee13

      BTW I have played Bad Company 2 and now have BF3. I wont be buying MW3 till december or even next year! Im not a COD fanboy I JUST NEED LEGACY!!!

  • Death Note Killa

    Interesting read but after giving in to Black Ops I think Cod is great. Why because game modes like free for all which KZ2-3 lack. I wanted to love KZ3 online like I did the single play but its greatest feature the change mode mid match is its greatest weakness. Look at UC3 they added a shit tone of modes and made it a bit faster and I love it. I still get a rush when I get chopper gunner on Black Ops and KZ3 lacks that.

    KZ3 single player trying to tell a story I love that but online it was that exact same just added “3” operations maps which were awesome but not enough. GG should have been more bold like they were with single player.

    Over all COD has helped many games like MOH, HF, and even BF3 by giving them competition and other by offering something different like Borderlands and BioShock.


  • Anonymous

    what ever you personally view on COD, mw3 is now out and 2 days after we were selling it, we have had quite a few traded back in, saying its just not that great and too similar to mw2, cant believe how many people are also selling it on ebay and amazon used already !

  • m r

    I think Fallout is better than Borderlands it’s my fav FPS/RPG game

  • Skittlebit1

    In all honesty Cod 4 was a great Console Fps. Console being the key word. Realitivly low skill cap when compared to cs 1.6 and all of half lifes other mods. Honestly, its popularity ruined almost the entire pc fps gener becuase every game that is for multiple systems is dumbed down. Pc is used to a higher level of gameplay. For example, my personal favorite shooter CS was way more advanced. There was more than just point an click system, alot more. Recoil control alone took more time to master than the entire Cod shooting system. In all honesty, the game isnt boderlands or crysis and its not made by valve I will refrain from buying unless told otherwise. Valve’s FPS actually have a skill floor and a very high ceiling.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

      I agree. I loved COD 4 and I use to play CS back in the day. I played CSGO at PAX Prime and I remember assuming that you could aim down the iron-sights and was trying to figure out how, then the dev reminded me that the game uses the same gameplay system as the original. I’m not sure how new gamers will be able to get use to shooting off the hip instead of aiming, but oh well..lol

  • Bendozaa

    Mirrors edge was a great game and a hard one to platinum. Love all the kill zone games as well.

  • cole B

    what about the timesplitters games
    the first timesplitters was released before any of those games and had levels from each genre of fps
    it had space, western. robots, horror, and military as well as random things like egyptian and chinese and a circus
    it may be silly at times but the serious moments really stand out
    the first one had story mode which is just playing in different time periods retreiving an object and bringing it back to the start
    it is still fun
    they added an actul storyline in teh second and third
    in TS2 you go through time collecting time crystals stolen by evil alien creatures (splitters)
    in timesplitters: future perfect you chase a guy through time who has invented a time travel device and is causng mayhem throughout history
    the storyline in FP isn’t an exact continuation of the last game but you can see how it is connected the main character is the same and his role to save humanity still remains