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Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 97: Where Would Sony Be Without Naughty Dog This Gen?

Wynton Harris on December 20, 2011 - 1:37 pm in Podcasts, Step Ya Game Up

Blade206, DCI and WorseCase come together once again to bring you the latest news. In today’s episode, we talk about the following:

- Starhawk Beta Impressions

- PS Vita Sold out in Japan Day One

- Gran Turismo 5 Still being supported, new update!

- Resistance 3 and Infamous 2 Added to Platinum List

- Should a Game you never heard of get nominated for Game Of The Year?

- Would Sony Be Nothing with out Naughty Dog This Gen?

- Skyrim VGA Game Of The Year Exposed

- Square is done, once again

- As always we have a Step Ya Game Up and much more

Download Link: http://stepyagameup.podomatic.com/enclosure/2011-12-20T10_27_15-08_00.mp3

  • trapper12

    Great podcast as always. Speaking about the Vita selling 700k is false. It only sold around 330k in a couple of days. That 700k is a rumor which appears to be fake. Anyways Vita is gonna sell. I agree wit ya Blade, I’m tired of the media giving M$ and Nintendo a pass while giving Sony a hard ass time, but I’ll say this, at least the PS3 is the only console bringing out hardcore games while Nintendo is still producing causal crap and M$ with their (dis)Kinect camera and kiddy games.

    • Death Note Killa

      You know whats bad FF13-2 selling 500,000 in like a week when FF13 sold like 2 million in less time. Really bad numbers and around Christmas time too

      • trapper12

        That’s because the series is going down hill. Square really f’ed up this gen. If FF13 stayed exclusive to the PS3, you would see a better graphical performance than it is now. The way they treated PS fans will haunt them into next gen too until Wada is booted out from Square. I see them going bankrupt in the future.

  • Rbluetank

    Thanks for shoutout!  (WorseCase) Great show as always.  i am glad you guy’s pointed out the BS that M$oft/VGA are doing.. the Hale/Cole looking alike is a good point.  this why i  like how IG design choices of Hale in R2 was brilliant.  He was becoming Half Human/Chimera this was seperating Hale from Cole.   i wish IG would of stay the course and let Hale take the fight to the Chimera World in R3.  He did not have to be killed off.  IG have stated in videos that they had no clue what to do after killing off Hale.  WTF  Why kill off the main character if you have no real replacement..  Joe was the worst move to make in R3.  Joe was chewed up like tobacco and spit out by a spider in R2.  Hale triped slam Joe onto his gums in R2.  How can resistance fans relate to Joe in R3?  thxs in advance for the Christmas Day present to your fans!  i will be there to hear you Step Your Game Up on Chrismas Day..  Blade, please try to get more information on the Last Of Us.

  • http://twitter.com/freezola75 Big Freezy

    Loving this SYGU podcast as usual guys!!  Infotainment for that ass! Thanks for the shout… S/O to Blade @worsecase @DCI —-> #IWANNABESAVED

  • http://twitter.com/freezola75 Big Freezy

    awww man… no no no you need a SYGU at the end too BLADE!! LOL… Worse where’s your SYGU?? LMAO..  Good shit DCI for the SYGU save. Just messing homies!

    Great show

  • Anonymous

    This is a very entertaining podcast.
    At the same time:
    This is the most incorrect podcast!

    Halo CE:Anniversary:
    Does have online; New from 10yrs ago
    TOTALLY; remade graphics; New
    Skulls; New
    Online co-op; New
    Firefight; New
    Terminals; New
    And more; New
    So, once again, you guys are highly entertaining; but wrong as hell 99% of the time you speak of M$ products!

    Also, that “sold out” figure for the Vita is absolutely wrong!
    My Vita prediction: expect it to not sell out in the Americas, & expect it to flop!

    • trapper12

      How can you say the Vita will flop and not sell in the Americas? I mean from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty damn impressive. $250 for the Wi-Fi version is pretty good imo. Let me say this, if people can buy a $600 iPad just to play that corny Angry Birds game, then people can buy a Vita, plain & simple, but it all depends on the games first.

  • Anonymous

    Still listening…did you just say M$ is going to kill off Halo?
    Get r.i.f. (Reading Is Fundamental)!
    M$ created 343! Devoted an entire studio to the Halo Franchise!

    Do you guys play games, read about the industry, play anything other than SONY games before you do a podcast? Or, do you just make a show & talk Boooas***?!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

      Kill off, as in people won’t care for Halo anymore because MS is milking the franchise. 

      C.I.F. (Comprehension is fundamental) 

    • trapper12

      Sounds like you’re butt hurt over the fact M$ is ditching the hardcore games for casual Kinect games. Halo is being milked to death and there are gonna be 5 Halo game on the 360 this gen. If you don’t believe me, here they are:

      1. Halo 3
      2. Halo Wars
      3. Halo ODST
      4. Halo Reach
      5. Halo 4 (coming in 2012)
      These guys are stating the truth. I don’t hate the 360 as I use to own one, but now it just seems sad how M$ is going the casual route now.

      • otherZinc

        You guys misuse the word butt-hurt. I have 12 Kinect games, my wife & kids love it, thats who its for. Myself & kids play Halo’s, Gears, Fable’s, Forza’s, COD’s, Alan Wake, Mass Effects, Skyrims, etc…I mean really…I can name games all day!

        M$ not making new Halo games is the same as McDonald’s discontinuing the “Big Mac”! Burger King discontinuing the “Whopper”! Pizza Hut without a Sausage Pizza! XBOX, Halo! General Motor Cadillac & Chevy!

        There are 3 million people waiting to buy a Master Chief game every iteration, Day 1! Those fans & the 6 million that purchase the game after that would be let down if M$ stopped making this Iconic Series!

        Halo 1, 2, 3, & 4 pertain to The Master Chief, in the Halo Universe.

        The Halo Universe is massive, If you’d play the game & stop listening to rhetoric, you’d find the Universe & Halo game fascinating as the millions that play the Halo Series.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

          Most of those games are multiplats, which means PS3 users can name the same ones for days too. Actually Sony can name exclusives for days that aren’t even from this generation that they could resurrect if they wanted too. MS only has a handful of exclusives which means they don’t offer much unlike their competitors Nintendo and Sony.

          The problem with your restaurant analogies is that even though it would be weird if they got rid of their iconic burgers, they have other shit on their menus and people would still go to Mcdonalds and Burger King, so they actually could get away with getting rid of them.

          I don’t think you actually listen to the podcast because we don’t advocate MS to stop making Halo games, but to slow down and stop milking it. If they had a library of exclusives to rotate from that wouldn’t be a problem. Halo is carrying the Xbox brand name on it’s back, and so did Bungie.

          You think Halo 4 is going to sell 9 million? I’m not sure about that since Bungie isn’t making it anymore.

          I have played the game. I use to play LAN parties with Halo and had two LIVE accounts with Halo 2 and was there for its midnight launch. After awhile I was sick of hearing “capture the flag” and started to get burned out on Halo. I recently tried the first levels of Halo 3 and Reach and couldn’t get myself to continue for two reasons; Wasn’t interested in the story, and I was already sick of MS throwing it in my face before I played them. 
          Not too long ago I watched the  Halo Legends anime and only liked the “origins” and “The Babysitter” episodes. Sorry, but the Halo universe is ok at best when it comes to science fiction. Nothing fascinating about it. The Mass Effect universe is far better in my opinion.

          Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge?

          • otherZinc

            Sorry about that, I would’ve responded earlier to this but didnt see it.

            PS3 users can name exclusives “today”, but are they good, do they sell day 1: no. Early on M$ had the majority of the exclusives, now SONY had a year of exclusives & you guys think its overwhelming when it isn’t as people didn’t buy them in droves as they do 360 exclusives.

            On problem with my Restaurant Analogy:
            There isn’t a problem as M$ has something for everyone!
            Live & Kinect are killing PSN+ & Move.
            McDonald’s cant get rid of “Big Mac” & GM cant get rid of Cadillac & Chevy. And, M$ cant get rid of Live, Kinect, & Halo.

            However, SONY can get rid of MGS, GTA, (also on XBOX). God of War & GT can go away as they dont carry the PS3, COD carries the PS3. COD, of course is also on 360 were the Online structure is much better than PSN.

            I listen to all SYGU podcasts. Is SONY milking God of War, GT, Uncharted, SOCOM/MAG, LBP, Ratchet?, Of course they are.

            Of course Halo 4 will sell 9 million units!

            And Mass Effect is the truth!

            *Also, how are PSVita Sales going? Lets see if you guys can tell the truth about that on your next show!

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

            1. PS3 exclusives are good, but the problem is the PS3 users would have to make at least $20 an hour in order to afford them all, and then find time to play them. The 360 has a very limited selection of exclusives, and their install base gravitates toward them because they stick out like sore thumb alongside the multiplatform games. 

            2. Live and Kinect isn’t killing Move and PSN. Not sure where you got that from. Live has also been out for years before PSN + was even conceived.

            3. You are on this “Get rid of” kick like we said MS should get stop making their products entirely. That is the basis of your whole argument, and I already stated twice so far that we never said MS should stop making Halo. 

            4. All of Sony’s exclusives carry the PS3 and any Playstation console they make in the future. Even if they stopped making GOW for example, they could replace it with either a new IP or resurrect a classic IP because they spend millions on making exclusive games, unlike MS who would rather spend billions on Skype. 

            5. If you actually listen to the podcasts instead of thinking of a response you would know that we stated on more than one occasion that they should slow down on making GOW  and Ratchet games. LBP only has 3 games so far, and Sony doesn’t churn out GT games every other year so those aren’t very good examples. Socom isn’t either lol. However, I’m sure Uncharted: Golden Abyss will be the last Uncharted for awhile because The Last of Us will be taking it’s place. See, that is what happens when you spend money on making new properties instead of working one franchise like a slave.

            6. Halo 4 won’t sell 9 million if Bungie’s new IP is out by the time it releases. If it’s a MMO sci-fi shooter like its rumored, that is more than enough for people to stop playing Halo for awhile, or at all entirely.

            7. PSVita sales are going as expecting, considering its price and release window. Unlike you, Sony is only concerned about long term sales. Actually, any smart business would be concerned with how a product sales in the long term than on day one. I’m getting one hopefully in March.

            Anything else you want to add?

          • trapper12

            On the PS Vita sales:

            The reason why the Vita isn’t selling well in Japan right now is because the price is high over in Japan because the Yen is weak, plus the launch titles are more catered towards the western instead of the Japanese. Sales for the Vita will pick up, especially in Japan with a rumored Monster Hunter exclusively for the handheld.

    • Anonymous

      Bro you need to relax. Why do you get so upset when somebody says something about Halo? Why do you continue to make yourself look like a immature fool when somebody doesn’t agree with the same way you view the Halo franchise? It shouldn’t even matter because you’re going to buy the game anyway. Please don’t spill your bullshit on this site like you do on the Bitbag. You and that down syndrome guy (MOTY) have ruin that site.

      • otherZinc

        Lmao…I’m not upset. This podcast is the most entertaining podcast on the net. Fact is, theyre just wrong as hell 99% of the time they talk M$. If you researched topics, you’d say damn thats wrong dog…

        MOTY & I just use facts, it isn’t opinion.

        Look, SYGU Podcasts said M$ is going to kill off Halo. Ok, why did M$ create the most expensive & extensive development team “343 Industries” for? M$ isn’t one of the most successful organizations in history for stupid things. Come on. That is fact!

        And, Of course I’m buying the next Halo game. There’s a reason its the #1 exclusive console game going!

        I ask you this; if its fact, how is it “bullshit”?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

          It’s obvious to me now that you misunderstand what we say on the podcast, so its really your opinion that we are wrong 99% of the time when it comes to MS products (Which isn’t much by the way).

          I will say this again, when we say “kill off” we mean that MS is making too many Halo games in a short amount of time which will result in people losing interest in it. We did not ever say that MS was going to stop making Halo games. That is how you heard it, but that is not how we said it.

          Yes there are loyal Halo fans out there, but there are loyal BUNGIE fans out there too. Let’s see how well Halo 4 does without Bungie developing it..

          • otherZinc

            Ok, I may have misunderstood your premise, however: 
            Is it the same as killing off Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy 13 (13 for crying out lout!). Those games have sold millions, had millions of iterations & mean something to millions of people. FF doesnt sell huge anymore, yet still has a following of expecting consumers.

            Halo Series has sold millions of “books”, there are 8 or 9 or so books made for the Halo Universe. The Halo Universe is an adventure like Star Wars that can go on for sometime. Mass Effect is another game that has a lot of story to tell.

            There are people waiting for a Flood & Forerunner game! I’d buy it! There are many spins that can be told in that Universe.

            Also, 343 Industries is comprised of “several” x Bungie employees, headed by Frank O’Connor: Halo 2 to present writer! M$ hired other Dev’s that loved the Halo Universe to join the 343 Halo Team. There are even Bungie employees that want to go back to 343 Industries to work on future Halo games when this new Bungie IP is finished.

  • cj

    Keep them coming :D

  • Anonymous

    nice,keep em coming. Consistency ftw!

  • Death Note Killa

    sorry but I never liked resistance 1 thought it was shit. for real I want games that I’m hyped and follow. to be rated high why because I only follow a few.

    the way u fell about res3 I felt about kz3 then I realized that some games aren’t for everyone. I love kz3 story but I see why people bitched about it

    I think u guys missed the mark on.that every game a 10. I’m on my phone so when I get on my PC ill explain

  • Death Note Killa

    Does every game have to be a 9’s or 10’s the simple answer is of course no but what people complain about is when a game that looks so promising and and so well made gets 8’s and 7’s. That is what people bitch about not just any random game. Sorry if the gameplay videos look like shit and online looks like generic bla bla what the fuck ever. Show me something that gets ME intrested in the game ie Last of Us.

    Also blade come on like for real I don’t give a shit what the developer says. REALLY you say some of these guys never talk with Insomniac and I know you weren’t talking about the average Joe but REALLY that some shit right there it’s completely irrelevant and irreverent.
    BTW the graphics were HORRIBLE. Color palette looked great but it was third party level and second class third party level.

    Also I agree with otherZinc about Halo franchise fatigue hasn’t been a problem this gen and I can’t see it happening to FPS next gen. Halo will sell like crazy unless FPS become the new Jrpg. Halo collection on pace to be the best selling HD collection. I think GOW collection is currently.BTW UC3 moving up to 3 million and looking like another 4-5 million seller. Stupid to release between BF3 and MW3 but its doing great.

  • Anonymous

    Nice podcast. Yo gamefly buy a ton games from the game maker so gamer makers make some money from rent companies.Y’all  better speak on max payne 3 on the next podcast

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

      I am looking forward to Max Payne 3. I told you before that the Max Payne series is one of my favorites, and the new gameplay for MP3 looks sick!!

      • Anonymous

        I can’t wait for Max Payne 3 either bro. I hope it’s good.

  • cj

    where’s the 25th Dec Episode 98?


  • Anonymous

    Hmm seems like something went wrong that the episode is not made. Enjoy the new years!

  • Leejohnson222

    great show guys ! have to agree about the n4g stuff, read one article saying why do sony exclussives struggle, come on, just beacuse they dont sell 1 million week 1 is not a sucess? halo wars sold loads and there was no advertising, 80% of people thought it was a fps, they used that to their advantage, we had so many of these games returned as people bought it blind thinking it was a fps, its their own fault but there you go. So gran turismo doesnt sell, uncharted doesnt sell? these guys dont take into account global sales, yakuzza is a huge seller, in any case what does it matter, its about quality and sony seems to be ahead of the game in this department.N4g seems to be just an opinion site. I stopped checking games scores long ago cause its BS, same as these fools who pay attention to metacritic, wow so add up all the fansites ad blogs and create a fake bs score which is the overall global score, fuk off with that crap.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

    We will be back on track next week with Episode 98!