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Rumor – Microsoft is Putting an End to Microsoft Points

Charles King on January 24, 2012 - 3:56 am in Xbox

According to Inside Mobile Apps, Microsoft could be getting rid of their Microsoft Points system. The source claims to have “knowledge of the company’s decision“, which will affect developers for the Zune marketplace, Windows Phone, and Xbox Live. Users are speculated to be purchasing content with real money by the end of this year, and all transactions will be based on region.

Microsoft Points will also be converted to cash after the switch, and the report also stated that Mobile developers have already been warned about the change.

You can already use Microsoft Points to buy content on app stores but Microsoft has been gradually requiring currency to purchase large games.

This is just a rumor, so don’t jump up and down just yet.

  • Death Note KIlla

    Seems to be true and I know many people actually hate the points system.