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Good Job Mass Effect 3 Controversy, You Ruined The Ending For Me

Charles King on March 14, 2012 - 2:24 pm in Opinion

Mass Effect 3 has shipped 3.5 million units since its launch last week, and fans are raving about the last installment of the trilogy. However, some fans are  also expressing their distaste for how the trilogy wraps up.

The ending of Mass Effect 3 has caused disgruntled gamers to band together and petition Bioware by donating close to $32,000 to Child’s Play. I believe they should be doing this out of the kindness of their hearts anyway, because that would be the nice thing to do, but that is not the point. The attention the ending is receiving is naturally causing it to be covered by gaming sites and discussed by gamers.

I have seen *spoiler* all over the place now about Mass Effect 3, and it’s starting to worry me.

Knowing parts of the ending beforehand doesn’t completely give it away for me because it‘s all about experiencing it in full for myself, as long as I don‘t have a full run-down I‘m good. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to be surprised though, and this goes for books, movies, TV shows, etc.

The reason fans are dissatisfied with ME3’s curtain call isn’t the problem, it’s when covering the ending to a popular game has the potential to ruin it for the ones who either haven’t beaten the game, haven’t played the series at all, or both.

I’m one of the people who haven’t beaten the game yet, and the controversy surrounding Mass Effect 3  has caused the ending to be slightly ruined for me.

I use the word “slightly” because when the dreaded “S” word came up in the article or comments (some didn’t contain a warning until the middle of the rant or post) I made it a point to look the other way, but that doesn’t mean some information didn’t make between the spaces in my fingers that covered my eyes.

There is nothing stopping me from ignoring articles containing spoilers, this I understand, but when they are in your face constantly a bit of temptation will start to creep into the back of the mind. I believe video game journalism should show a little responsibility and realize that posting an article with vital information to a game’s story can cause people to…well, read it.

This is just another example on why the temptation to keep yourself informed can also be a trap.

*The following contains spoilers*

Just kidding..

Should Bioware Change The Ending to Mass Effect 3?

What about the petitioning gamers, do they have a right to demand Bioware change the ending? How should I know? I haven’t even got that far to judge for myself yet.

In all seriousness, I don’t believe that they don’t have that right for a few reasons:

– The choices you are allowed to make in the Mass Effect games give you certain freedoms over the subplots, and not the overall story plot points. Bioware did not give you a trilogy of blank pages called Mass Effect for you to create your own space opera. I believe that being able to customize how Shepard looks, how he beats down his enemies, and who he f**ks confused gamers into believing they had control over how his tale comes to an end.

– Complaining about the ending loudly, and taking action to have it your way, is basically speaking for the gamers who don’t share your opinion.

– Let’s just say that tomorrow Bioware and EA release Mass Effect 3: The Real Ending which is priced for $6.99. You play the add-on content and realize you don’t like that ending as well. Are you going to petition again? If this keeps up, Mass Effect could be the next “Never-ending Story” of our lifetime.

Hopefully you like the ending to my article

The controversy surrounding Mass Effect 3 supposedly will make me believe I won’t like how it ends. Until I can make that assessment, all I know is that I am having a great time with this game, and when I get to the end I’ll be sure to not tell you about it…

  • Lil Rizky

    I completely agree. I’m the exact same position and feel the same way. Mass effect series have always done the same thing. Allow your choices to affect subplots and then have a decision at the end that doesnt depend on the rest of the games at all. So I still don’t get why people have felt betrayed. I have a feeling why from those spoiler forums but as you said I try to look away. Great article

  • Derp Head

    JUST beat ME2 yesturday and it pisees me off all these articles that do a terrible job of spioling i am so curious but still if i wanna see the ending ill watcha playthrough online…. journalist DEFINITELY must take the responsibility  to be carful of what they post

  • Leejohnson222

    there is no issue with not liking an ending to a tv show, movie or game, but to actually complain and bitch to the developer and start a movement is pure and simple sad. The star wars movies have been runined, some tv shows that were cool got cancelled you just live with it in my view. You dont tell the artist to change it, if they do offer a new ending it wont change the way these people feel at all. It will be pointless