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Quantic Dream: Seven Minutes of Kara Should Be Seventy

Charles King on March 7, 2012 - 10:47 pm in Opinion

Quantic Dream revealed a stunning tech demo at GDC today showing off a new engine they created to improve visual quality and virtual performances in video games.

The video is called Kara, and it does in seven minutes what other demos or trailers can’t seem to do consistently.

It drew me in, affected me emotionally, and left me wanting more…

This very brief story of a newly created android named Kara who is too self-aware for her creator’s liking isn’t necessarily new when it comes to the science fiction or cyberpunk genres, but how Quantic Dream and David Cage could tell her story should still be explored by the studio. They pulled the “making me care about the characters” trick when they introduced Heavy Rain in 2010, and even though the tech demo of Kara isn’t their next project, whatever they are actually working on is sure to blow our minds.

Judging from the video of course…

Quantic Dream, I honestly believe that Kara has potential to be something bigger than a tech demo. You truly have something here because Kara would make a perfect movie or even a web series in my opinion.

Just like the last scene where Kara is placed with the other androids in her series and shipped off to her fate, I have no idea what is going to happen to her next.

… But I want to find out.

  • NEMES1S360

    Just watched this trailer too and felt exactly the same!   Fantastic job QD.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stanley-Yu/1003118410 Stanley Yu

    Great job by QD. Please announce your new game or is this your new game w/o admitting it? hehehe

  • Leejohnson222

    incredible ! so much good news at the moment ! gta vice city nights for psvita, final fantasy type-0 and monster hunter 3 ! wonder why fable creator left microsoft ? interesting eh

  • Death Note Killa

    yea it was pretty cool and seems like the next game is gonna be like this.