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Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 102: Is a Mass Effect 3 Alternate Ending Really Necessary?

Wynton Harris on March 28, 2012 - 12:55 am in Podcasts, Step Ya Game Up

Blade206, DCI and WorseCase come together once again to bring you another entertaining episode of Step Ya Game Up. On today’s episode, the most entertaining gaming podcast talks about the following:

  • - Peter Molyduex leaving Microsoft
  • - Phil Harrison joining Microsoft
  • - Rumor: Sony to shut down Zipper?
  • - Possible future of consoles
  • - Resident Evil Racoon City
  • - Mass Effect 3 alternative ending
  • - Ninja Gaiden 3 reviews
  • - Amazon sale
  • - Dust 514 Free to Play
  • - As always we have a step ya game up and much more

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://stepyagameup.podomatic.com/enclosure/2012-03-27T21_22_22-07_00.mp3

  • Rbluetank

    good show.  i love MAG . I wish Sony/Zipper would make MAG2.  i think these big MMO shooter coming out this year/next might have cancel MAG2.  i hope Dust514/Planetside can match the fun i was having with MAG.  i just wish more people would of fought through all of MAG dislike to find something they likes.  this is the game that would make me buy ps4. 

    • XBOTdude


      As a self-confessed XBot, I did like MAG.  Excellent game, that sadly did not sell well at all.  If that was on the 360, it would have seriously challenged COD/Gears/Halo for online multiplayer time.  

      But, PS3 fanboys don’t want to play those games.  They want the girly JRPG’s (Persona, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, etc.) and the wacko games like Catherine and Noby Noby Boy.  

      Stop.  Put down the panty bunch games and pick up the burly space marine games and have fun online!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

        How about I play with Catherine and you keep playing with “burly space marines”…

      • leejohnson222

        wow i just want a little bit more depth from a game than space man kills aliens with a cheesey never ending story, these games are for kids, casual , arcade games, instant gratification thats it. I want more from games, online is not the best thing about games, i played games before online was an element and to be fair had a better time, no twats playing music down my mic, screaming kids, moms saying come on now your dinner is ready, oh my life its horrible playing online, i started unplugging my mic!

  • Death Note Killa

    So dust is free to play? Didnt know that but glad i do now. Shut down zipper please buy ready at dawn end of story. 

    • Jimmy the BOT

      Right.  Wouldn’t want to pay a dime to Sony or the PlayStation network for all their efforts delivering a good game to you.  

      Gee.  Wonder why Sony is losing so much money?  Could it be due to the cheapskate gamers that populate their PSN?  How PSN Plus members are there here?

      I’m a total Xbot and yet I had no problem going PSN Plus.  Makes sense and helps out Sony.  

      PS2 mentality in da’ house!  Don’t need no cross game chat, don’t need no voice messages, don’t need no social networking.

      I literally cannot wait for the PS4 to burst onto the marketplace with the new PSN!!!  Free online will be gone.  If you still think it will be free to play, then you need to move out of your mums house and go to college.


      Think Pachter’s an idiot.  Look in the mirror for the idiot.  Pachter can pick up the phone and speak with anyone in the industry.  And the industry often uses him as a sounding board for upcoming “changes” in pricing and features.  Most of you couldn’t even pick up the phone and get your girlfriend to answer.  Yet you all think you’re such financial geniuses that you know better than Pachter.  

      More Sony dumbass, ignore your most profitable market moves:


      Coming to the UK only.  And not even the blue version, only the red?!?! WTF?!?!  Why would you not have this available in the US?  XBOX brings out collectors model editions every year.  But Sony in the US?  You can any color you want (as Henry Ford once said) as long as it’s black.

      But hey, just tell Sony what you want, that’s all it takes:


      aside from the fact that he looks and acts like he is 16, this moron thinks the only reason you don’t have the features and content you want on the PSN/PS3 is because you haven’t asked yet.  This is the arrogance and ignorance of the PlayStation brand this generation.  What the F is this then:


      And what is the #1 thing PSN people want?  Cross game chat.  Who wouldn’t want that.  Something that the 360 has had since 2005.  Amazing that such an advanced console cannot even do a simple thing like that.  

      • leejohnson222

        wow sounds like you need a man in your life, cause you have too much anger in your life, maybe pop down to the local gay bar im sure there are some nice young guys you could chat to. pachter predicts fuk all, he couldnt predict piss in a toliet, he may have many qualifications and experience in other industries, but he is wrong 90% of the time, there is no way to avoid that, the guy is consistantly wrong.Maybe 3 years ago cross game chat was wanted, hell i played xbox live the other day and you know what i couldnt get in a party so i just played online and had to mute all the players due to the fact of them all playing music talking shit and generally being pricks i dont wanna talk to.Its a nice feature but its not a system seller get a grip here, its like a 360 vs ps3 debate from 4 years ago, you only just found out about the internet?

  • Submish


  • Cfountain

    RIP Zipper…great podcast guys.

  • Xbot Man

    Sony likely to be exiting the console business soon:


    But hey, go ahead and brag about “foreign” sales of the PS3.  When was the last time you wanted to play in a lobby where no one “speaky” english?  Exactly.  It’s a fact and you know it.  


    XBOX 360 accounts for nearly 50% of all console sales (consoles, games and accessories) in the US.  

    So go ahead and get all excited about how the PS3 is number #1 in Latvia or Ubikistan.  Do you really think that matters or that you’ll have a great time playing with them, given the obviously language barrier and time zone differences.

    Keep in mind that only SCEA is making money within the PlayStation empire.  Industry analysts  having been suggesting that Sony spin off SCEA as a separate (and highly profitable) company.