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Will Sony Shut Down Zipper Interactive?

Charles King on March 26, 2012 - 11:41 am in PlayStation

Zipper Interactive has been reportedly hit with layoffs and a project cancellation on a scale that suggests the studio being shut down.

Sony has not commented on the future of Zipper Interactive.

Zipper Interactive are the minds behind the Socom and Mag franchises. Their recent game, Unit 13, was just released for the PS Vita and unfortunately could be their last.

  • Cfountain

    i think they’re downsizing them to make them a Vita only studio. Even tho I like both MAG and SOCOM 4, they really didnt transition over to this generation very well. All their games come from an overpopulated genre and the really make dull worlds. every time you look at the games they make(and if you arent knowledgeable of their past games) there is NO way it stands out from the crowded market the make games in.

    What they’re going thru is similar to what is happening with a lot of these Japanese developers. They just don’t have a grip on these consoles but found a niche in the portable/handheld market. Tough to see it happen(if it does happen) but they just brought it on themselves because they weren’t able to adjust to this gen.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

      That’s a good theory Cfountain. You could very well be right. Whatever happens, expect major changes from Zipper if Sony keeps the studio operational. 

      I liked MAG and SOCOM 4 too, but a combination of a different direction in gameplay and a fanbase who are resistant to change really hurt the franchise this gen.

      I will be checking out Unit 13 when I get a Vita though..

  • foker

    Damn,.. That is really bad news for me,.. Love MAG really hoped for MAG2 for PS3 or PS4,.. Socom4 was pretty good for the most part