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Payday: The Heist Update Proves Crime Doesn’t Pay, Literally

Charles King on April 6, 2012 - 12:41 pm in News

SOE and Overkill Software announced a new update for the co-op crime shooter Payday: The Heist. The free update brings more events, achievements, masks and a new music track to the crimes you commit over the Playstation Network and PC.

Performing a heist won’t be easy because the law has been upgraded as well with an enhanced AI and animations, so your beat-down will be swift and well executed.

Key features of the new game update include:

  • Masks of Disguise: Presidential masks are now available to those players that have reached level 145. Players can grab a Golden mask when all heists are completed on OVERKILL 145+. BEEEF masks have also been added to the game, and can be picked up in the lobby.
  • OVERKILL 145+: Players that have reached level 145 can now play on a new difficulty called OVERKILL 145+, which opens up the possibility for new events and achievements. It also unlocks new weapons, such as the crowbar to open doors, as well as leaderboards.
  • Drop-In: With the added in-game drop-in ability, players can set the server to allow for others to join the game mid-heist. Players can also filter players by setting server reputation and difficulty requirements.
  • SWAT Tactics: The SWAT captain has trained a slew of new recruits, resulting in challenging new tactics and counter measures for players to face on each of the heists.
  • Sweet Moves: Players can check out new weapon animations for the Shotgun. Law enforcers now move more tactically than ever before. Even civilians have new dance animations in the DIAMOND HEIST.
  • Portrait Window Additions: Players can now see the name of the character they are currently playing in the portrait window while in game.
  • Compare Worldwide: PC Players can now view statistics on how many players in the world have completed the different heists on all difficulties through the” SELECT HEIST” menu.
  • Expanding Field of View (FoV): PC Players can now choose what FoV they want to use ranging from 60 to 100 through the advanced graphics menu.
  • DIAMOND HEIST Music: For PC players, as a token of appreciation to the community, 200 of the most dedicated career criminals’ nicknames have been immortalized in-game. The DJ has added a new music track, doing shout-outs to 200 players in the community.
  • This game update is available for download at no additional cost on STEAM and on the PlayStation®Network.