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Should Video Game Publishers and Retailers Compromise Over Used Games?

Charles King on April 8, 2012 - 6:40 pm in Opinion

The recent rumors of the PS4 and the Next Xbox requiring new games to be tied to a user’s account have caused some gamers to reconsider their purchase of a next-gen console.

Trading in games is a safety net relied on by consumers who find themselves unhappy with their purchases. Eliminating it will cause us to make informed decisions before we buy a game no matter how long we have anticipated it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The alternative is literally a game-changer, and that is looking for another outlet to partake in our hobby that doesn’t contain these restrictions.

I have traded in more games than I have bought used, so the only aspect of my gaming experience these rumors impose on is the ability to share it with another gamer or renting a game from GameFly or other sources.

I believe there should be some sort of compromise from video game companies and retailers about how games are sold next generation.

What if games were released as they are now but associating it with your account was optional, and the deal was sweetened with new content or discounts?

How about the ability to play your game on a predetermined amount of accounts besides your own?

Would it be fair if games had both the options I just presented to you?

Is there even a way to appeal to publishers, retailers, and gamers that will make all sides happy in the end?

This is all brain-storming on my part because rumors have a nasty way of preparing you for unconfirmed events and outcomes. Regardless, be ready because buyer’s remorse could be a condition you won’t be able to ease with a simple trip to your local video game store.

  • Jcohn20

    I think its rather simple. Say GameStop, or whoever, has a used Call of Duty for 55. Currently, that sale is 55 in profit for gamestop. Retain the same pricing, but give the publisher 10% of the cut. So Activison would make 5.50 from the used purchase. It doesn’t seem like much, but considering GameStop’s posted revenue of like 16 billion, that would be about 1.6 million added to the publishers coffers as a whole. Gamestop profits, the game companies profit, consumers retain the benefit of trade ins and buying used, and companies could continue tracking sales of titles.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

      It is simple, but with so many games being published the only hurdle is the sheer number of publishers retailers would have to give a cut too. It might be to much to keep track of.

      • ex-Sony Fanboy

        Which is why it is simpler to just kill the used games market altogether.

    • ex-Sony Fanboy


      Amazing how simple you make it out to be.  But it’s not that simple.  That $55 sales is not pure profit.  How about you go to college and study business for 4 years and then open your eyes.

      Of that $55 dollars revenue, some went to pay the person who traded it in ($20?), some goes to maintaining the shelf space (i.e. store rent, electricity, staff, corporate staff, taxes, etc).  That could be as high as $10.

      Suddenly it’s not as much as you think.

    • ex-Sony Fanboy

      Personally, I hope they do enact the “anti-used game strategy” in the next console generation by linking your game purchase to your PSN ID or Gamertag.

      If you cannot afford to buy games new, then boo-hoo for you.  Buying games is not a right in this society.  Ken Kutaragi, your beloved PS3 fanboy god, said it best.  Work harder!

      I only buy new games.  So it does not effect me in any way other than the annoyance of having to type in a code one time.  

      Do you know what the person who had the game before you did with the disc?  The person could have:

      – had a disease
      – heavy masturbator
      – chain smoker
      – drug user
      – picking their nose
      – trash ridden home with roaches and other bugs

      disc-based games are like underwear.  you really don’t want to be sharing them.

      Think about it.

  • ex-Sony Fanboy

    Every time you buy a used game and put it in your nice, neat and clean PS3.  Imagine yourself putting on a used pair of underwear from a homeless shelter.  Yeah, I went there.  

    That’s how much you respect your PS3?  Your pillar of gaming excellence and technology?  

    And what if your PS3 could speak?  What would it say after you forced that nasty used game into it’s disc slot and forced it to swallow?

    Probably say something to you to the effect of: “You motha$^#&, I stayed with you, running in top condition while your 360 was RRoD’ing on you left and right!  And this is how you repay me?!?!”

    You can dip your entire PS3 in Febreeze after that, but your PS3 will never be clean again.

    Pee Wee Herman may have had that used copy of Uncharted 2 before you bought it.  Think that was dried ranch dressing you had to clean off the disc before you played it?

    Used games are like used underwear.  Think about it.

  • http://twitter.com/gtamikes mike

    Well I wait some time for some games and they come down in price on Amazon and they are still new/unopened.