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Step Ya Game Up Podcast 104: E3 Aftermath – Who Do You Think Won E3?

Wynton Harris on June 7, 2012 - 7:00 pm in Podcasts, Step Ya Game Up

Blade206, DCI, and WorseCase come together once again with another banger episode of Step Ya Game Up. On today’s episode, we talk about the following:

– Microsoft E3 Press Conference
– Halo 4
– Splinter Cell : Black list
– Usher Concert for Dance Central 3
– Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Big bang fail

– Sony’s E3 Press Conference
– Beyond Impressions
– God of War 3 Impressions
– Last Of Us Impressions

– Nintendo E3 Press Conference
– Three Mario Games Announced
– Nintendo Land
– Wii U Details

– As always we have a step ya game up and much more

Download the podcast on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD5KdUE6F7Q&list=UU2VRYi-LAQxUNkiNh7T34jA&index=1&feature=plcp

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  • Cylon451

    OMG.  Did the three of you actually just compliment Halo 4?  


  • Cylon451

    Sorry, up late, can’t sleep right now.  So commenting as I listen to the podcast.

    I love Forza, but Forza Horizon does look to be a Burnout-ish game.  Though, they showed no real gameplay during the E3 presentation.  Perhaps on the show floor attendees got to actually play it, so I cannot be sure.  But one would think they could at least show some gameplay during the E3 presentation.

  • Cylon451

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist looked good in my opinion.  But you are right, they picked up the pace in the game play for sure.  But that is what the masses want based on their voting with their spending dollars.  The impatient don’t want to wait and watch the enemy and sneak past them, even though that is the smart play.  They would instead rather stand up and start blasting away.  Blame COD for that though.  Infinity Ward popularized that style of game play starting with COD4.  I did notice that Sam Fisher had all those Nathan Drake moves too.  

    How many times do you play in an objective based mode in games (i.e Search & Destroy or Domination) and the rest of your random team members are just playing it like Team Deathmatch.  No one protecting or attacking the objectives.  

    Whenever I see another player in the game actually playing as a team player and not all worried about their KDR, I sent them a friend invite.

  • Cylon451

    Glad the three of you also noticed the constant “moaning” by Lara Croft in the trailer!  That got old real fast.

  • Cylon451

    NFL ticket is the most important thing to me.  And only Sony has it … for now.

    Smart Glass was a total snooze.  And it depends on the content providers developing for that. Good luck with that.  It will cost movie makers more to create that special content for movies and sports, yet they won’t get an extra penny for the effort.  You can be assured that Smart Glass dies on the vine and quietly goes away.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King
      • Cylon451

        It’s a good idea, but not for this generation.  What amazed me, and you guys called it out on the podcast, is the colossal waste of time that Sony spent on the Wonder Books junk.  That time would have been better spent hyping up the PS-VITA and upcoming PSV games.  Instead they wasted 10-15 minutes on a product will go the way of SmartGlass.


  • ArchaicWeed420

    Whats fucked up about Usher, he is (correct me if im wrong) a Sony recording artist no? I found it a bit ironic he was hyping up MS conference lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

      You might be right on that one lol. What’s even funnier is that they didn’t announce anything new in the game, just went to his performance.

    • Cylon451

      No, he is not a Sony recording artist:


      Has one side project that is distributed under J. Records which is distributed by Sony BMG.

      • ArchaicWeed420

        The wiki link you posted clearly shows he works under the Sony music labels.Jive, RCA, etc.

        So…thanks for clearing that up, i suppose?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

    What do you guys think of SYGU on YouTube? Maybe one day we could actually add video to the podcasts.

    • SYGU

      for the love of god do video podcasts!!!!!!

  • foker

    Love you guys ! (you need to get rid of them kids writting shit for the sight,.. employ me am free for now)

  • otherZinc

    Where is the audio download for the iPod?

    • WorseCase

      you mean like a download straight to itunes? if you go to youtube you can download the podcast. Go to the youtube link posted in the description and click download right below the youtube video.

      • otherZinc

        Don’t see a download button. Next to “share” there’s a flag & like or dislike buttons at the bottom of the video. Nor do I see an mp3 button.

        Need the button…

  • Cylon451

    Splinter Cell: Fisher’s Fortune

    Still can’t get over him climbing all around the environment like Lara Croft or Nathan Drake.

  • Cylon451

    Interesting interview:


    and Jack Tretton was echoing the same sentiment earlier in the week saying that it’s about being better, not cheaper, not earlier to market.  You need to be all three in the next generation, if you want to win.  Nintendo is already down and nearly out.  So all you have to worry about is Microsoft.  

    Sounds like Sony is prepping the market for another late launch, at a high price tag, and hoping that Sony fanboys blindly support them second time.

  • Leejohnson222

    e3 was very very stale if you ask me, most stuff you knew about, no BIG reveals or surprises, nintendo and MS were terrible, Sony was ok, i think the whole show was this way because no one wanted to reveal the next gen, so lots of stuff was held back. I think they would all have 2-3 set ups of what they could show and if MS showed next gen sony would have done the same, of course 3rd party cant show until the companies officially announce next gen, that’s why it was a poor e3. To be honest if MS has time to have usher on, they cant have much to show, we dont need celebs to tell us what is cool or not, hate that BS.

    • Cylon451

      The last E3 before the E3 that they announce new consoles (E3 2013) is always going to be boring.  You want to keep showing that you have new content and games.

      Plus, this transition will be different than any before it due to the online services.  The new consoles will undoubtedly have 4 gig of ram, with which you can do all sorts of wonderful things.  Lots of space for the new Dashboard/XMB, so they can add so many more features. 

      But …. what do you do about those who stick with the 360/PS3 going forward for a few years?  Sony has done ZERO upgrades for that last 2 years.  So you already know their answer.  But Microsoft will likely stop upgrading the 360 Dashboard and focus on the new console Dashboard, which makes perfect sense.

      What you run into, though, is the new consoles will support so many more features that will not be deliverable to 360/PS3.  

      The thing that really surprised me is that there was no price cut for either console.  Perhaps they are waiting for the holidays.  We shall soon see.

  • CubeWolf

    Wow.  Microsoft just bowed out of the GamesCON (Europe’s version of E3) and the Tokyo Game Show:


    I understand the latter, as Japan has become insignificant anymore in terms of market size and innovation.  They don’t even buy the PS-VITA.  Which was shocking to everyone.  They just want to play Angry Birds on their smartphones now, so leave them alone.

    But GamesCON?  Wow.  I know Microsoft doesn’t have anything new to show other than what they did at E3, so really, why pay the tens of millions to attend.

    Though, from a corporate budgetary perspective, you save the money it would cost to attend those two shows and put it towards the big PR/Marketing release of the next XBOX.  

    I think that next generation, both Microsoft and Sony are going to be heavily looking at making a profit early on.  No more waiting until the tail end of the generation to become profitable anymore.  They need to sell the consoles at $299 and make a profit.  So decide what you can include now, for that price, while still making 10%, let’s say, and that’s the technology we get.

  • Jim Curious
    • Leejohnson222

       hahahhahah hows that bridge you live under wanka? the multiplat majors microsoft website is that way

  • Ellen Page

    Microsoft easily won E3 2012.  Proof of that is how it all but collapsed the Step Ya Game Up podcast.  Rarely do we get any new ones.  Nothing fun or interesting about Sony/PlayStation to talk about anymore.