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Strike Suit Zero Preview: Space Combat is Back!

Charles King on September 4, 2012 - 4:12 pm in News, Previews

Jamin Smith, community manager of Born Ready Games, gave me a walkthrough of Strike Suit Zero at PAX 2012. Inspired by space combat classics such as Wing Commander and X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, Strike Suit Zero pays homage to a genre of that doesn’t get much attention these days.

Strike Suit Zero places you in an immense battle between two warring human factions. When the enemy introduces a destructive new weapon to tips the scales, it is up to you and the Strike Suit to save the Earth from destruction. Conceptually, Strike Suit Zero is a melding of the East and West with Junji Okubu (Infinite Space, Steel Battalion, and AppleSeed) providing mechanical designs.

The key to space combat involves paying attention to everything going on around you. You will be littered with targeting reticules, passing enemy fighters, gigantic capital ships, and incoming missiles while you are being instructed to the next objective. Space craft mode handles like any normal starfighter until you build up an energy bar that allows you to transform into the Strike Suit. The Strike Suit gives the player more firepower and mobility, and as long as you can maintain the energy bar you can wreak havoc on other enemy star fighters and frigates in that mode.

I had a great time playing Strike Suit Zero and I enjoyed everything from its presentation, the soundtrack and the vivid colors you can only find in deep space.  The controls do take some getting use too and combined with the hectic nature of fleet battles and dogfights, combat can be overwhelming. Once you buckle in and master the controls, Strike Suit Zero transforms into a must buy space combat game for your PC.

Strike Suit Zero is coming to first to PC this fall, and consoles in early 2013.