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Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 112: Just Deal With It

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Wynton Harris on April 11, 2013 - 9:36 am in Podcasts, Step Ya Game Up

Jerrett Calloway (Blade206), Charles King (DCI), and Wynton Harris (Worsecase) come together once again to bring you the best infotainment on the net. The SYGU crew gives you the news and honest opinions about the video game industry and culture while bringing the fun back to gaming. Listen and Laugh! In this episode we talked about the following:

- Peter Moore New CEO of EA Games

- David Hayter not voice acting for MGS5

- Defiance Beta Impressions

- Next Gen Xbox “Always Online”

- Adam Orth’s Comments

- Microsoft’s Silence = Nothing to show?

- Do you fall asleep watching games?

- Bioshock infinite Mixed Reviews

- As always, we have a Step Ya Game Up and much more…

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://stepyagameup.podomatic.com/enclosure/2013-04-11T09_12_32-07_00.mp3

  • freak

    Nice new podcast

    • Cylon451


      I just wish they would go to a weekly format. There is so much to talk about now and there will be far more to podcast about after May 21st.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

        There will be a new podcast this week. When it comes to a weekly format, I don’t see that happening until GOS starts paying our bills lol.

  • http://twitter.com/freezola75 Big Freezy


  • leejohnson222

    so Adam Orth has been fired what a suprise ! leaking info he shouldn’t. Did you read about 3rd party companies not supporting wiiu, Bioware is using the new frostbite and this wont run on wiiu so no dragonage 3, no Mass effect no battlefield 4 etc, they asked the VP of epic about unreal 4 running on wiiu he simply burst out laughing ! So xbox is going to communicate with your cable box, who wants that ? they also have their Crytek game Ryse as a launch title shame its only for kinect ! You guys should really go get Bioshock its actually got an interesting story with some great twists i finished it really enjoyed it, the skyline is a fresh dynamic for game play. Nice to see a new Batman announced but will it be as good since its not from Rocksteady ?

    • Cylon451

      I believe we should wait until after E3 for all the serious console comparisons. Even at the XBOX Event (May 21st), they will likely leave some questions/reveals for E3, as did Sony.

      Now that Sony has the “Playnect” (i.e. PlayStation Kinect), expect the shovelware to descend upon us as well.

      Honestly, though, I am glad Sony is copying Kinect. The move was horrible and a joke. The Playnect should allow for voice commands and all of the same features of Kinect. Which can be used properly in certain ways in certain hardcore games. Such as simple verbal squad commands in Mass Effect 3, for example.

      Of course, we can expect Sony to force it at some point:

      Gran Turismo 6 “Better with Playnect!” :-)

      I was glad to see Sony only mention it in passing at their PS4 announce though. But rest assured, it will be on display at E3 in many games and features. I look forward to seeing what they do with it though.

  • http://twitter.com/PhantomVash808 Joey

    Michael Pachter is a comedian.

  • http://twitter.com/T_BFire TRAVIS TBF

    Many great points and funny as always

  • foker

    Great,.. !!! Well that made my day ,..

  • Chewyy

    Actually the new ffxiv beta is very good now , you guys should sign up and at least try it.It is night and day better than v1.0

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

      For Square’s sake, let’s hope it catches on..

      • Cylon451

        Rumor is that Square is taking over the Uncharted development next generation. They will announce their new game at E3 2013:

        Uncharted IV-2.a


  • rbluetank

    good show! i am glad the ps4 seems to have corrected some of the things i did not like about the ps3. i hope Sony lets retailers start taking preorders after their conference show in May. FYI the defiance beta was pretty bad… lol

    • Cylon451

      The 8 GB of unified memory (GDDR5 no less!) is the biggest improvement and lesson learned. I also like the beefier controller.

      I just hope the Share button works at the OS level (which I read that it did) and Sony does not allow developers to disable it. For example, you know that Gearbox/SEGA would love to disable that feature in Alien Colonial Marines to shut up all the people complaining about the graphics issue.


      Sure, there are other ways to get screenshots, but a Share button makes it incredibly easy and then anyone can do it. Not every Publisher is going to like that feature. Though, in the end, it may force developers and publishers to be more aware.

  • http://twitter.com/MrGibsMeDat MrGibsMeDat

    360 is the best console

  • Submish

    For the record… Worsecase was ready to jump out the window butt-booty naked for sarah jay…


    • http://twitter.com/WorseCase Wyntonio VON Doom

      SMH, whatever, I’m done trying to argue with you guys. Ya’ll don’t know anything…

  • http://www.facebook.com/ken.gammon.14 Ken Gammon

    Glad to see you guys back. You should pick up Bioshock Infinite. Definitely GOTY contender

  • Cylon451

    I do have a request concerning the podcast. Instead of naming the file:


    How about naming it:


    or something like that. Just a suggestion.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522654580 Charles King

      Cool. Thanks!

      • Cylon451

        Awesome! You guys rule!