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Heavy Gear Assault Kickstarter Launches Today

Charles King on May 20, 2013 - 11:52 am in News, PC

Heavy Gear Assault, the upcoming PC online multiplayer mecha title, went live on Kickstarter today. The goal is to reach $800,000, and this is after raising more than $118,000 on their site that lead to a temporary server crash thanks to an overwhelming response.

Developed by Mektek Studios and published by Stompy Bot Productions, Heavy Gear Assualt is based of the table-top gaming franchise introduced in Canadian publisher Dream Pod 9 in 1994.

Here is a short description of what to expect from Heavy Gear Assault straight from the official website:

Heavy Gear Assault is the first next-generation, mech sports game in development exclusively for the PC. Featuring destructible environments and Gears, innovative e-sports integration and dynamic gun-to-melee combat, Heavy Gear Assault pushes the boundaries of mech and e-sports games as only Unreal Engine 4 makes possible.

Check out the video below and see if competitive mech combat is worth donating too!