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Sacred Citadel Review

Wynton Harris on May 19, 2013 - 3:43 pm in News, Reviews

Sacred Citadel is a side-scrolling fantasy action brawler developed by Southern Interactive and published by Deep Silver. It is a great attempt to revive a classic genre in gaming, taking us back to the days of Golden Axe for the Sega Genesis.

Sacred Citadel takes place in the world of Sacred and is a prequel to the upcoming action RPG Sacred 3. Three heroes join together to stop an evil that threatens the peaceful world of Ancaria. The story is pretty simple and straight forward, so don’t expect any compelling performances to bring you to tears or to keep you on the edge of you seat in suspense. It is entertaining enough to keep you interested as you play the game’s four acts.

The graphics are cell-shaded and are very colorful, vibrant and detailed. There is a lot of humor to its presentation as Sacred Citadel does not try to take itself too serious. In the sound department, Sacred Citadel performs greatly on 7.1 surround sound headphones and speakers and immerses you into the action happening right in front of you.


Sacred Citadel’s gameplay features RPG elements where you can change your  armor and weapons, but unfortunately you can not sell any of your gear to afford better stuff. Having to keep all the gear you collect can be bothersome and confusing when you have to navigate through a long list of weapons just to pick the one you want to use. Every character in the game can dual-wield and through your travels you will find weapons with magic effects such as poison, ice and fire. Make sure you choose wisely before you hack Grimmocs to pieces.

The characters in Sacred Citadel complement each other pretty well. You can choose the Safiri Warrior for strength and general ass-kicking, the Ancarian Ranger for ranged combat, the Khukuri Shaman for healing and debuffing, and the Seraphim Mage for devastating magical attacks. With the selection, you shouldn’t have a problem picking a role that suits you, but there is a tad bit more of a variety desired. The gameplay is simple and feels natural in the hands after playing for a short period. However, the game can feel repetitious because of the limited character skills and abilities they have. Because every character can dual-wield weapons, and fight on the battlefield with similar combo sets, they start losing their unique role in the group when you play for extended amounts of time.

The replay value of Sacred Citadel is great but it does leave more to be sought after despite the DLC you can purchase that takes place after the story is finished. The game features four characters, but only a group of three can be played online. Speaking of online play, Sacred Citadel is in a need of server patch badly because the game is unplayable with more than two players online. Your group can be plagued with lag so bad that you can’t even move past the first part of a level. However, the game is still fun with just two players as you can place bets, ride huge mounts into battle, and compete with your online colleague for gold rankings on each map.


All in all, Sacred Citadel gets some things right and some things wrong. The price tag of $15 might be a big much for some gamers, but Sacred Citadel is still a game that you should not steer away from if you want a good co-op game to relive the times that beat ‘em ups ruled the land.

Sacred Citadel

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360,PC
Developer: Southern Interactive
Publisher: Deep Silver
Released: April 17, 2013