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How Adam Orth Prepared an Industry for the Xbox One

Charles King on June 12, 2013 - 11:51 pm in Opinion, Xbox One

Despite a decent amount of titles shown during their E3 2013 press conference, exclusives and third-party partnerships did not help Microsoft’s attempt to make the Xbox One appeal to gamers. A possible reason could be the quality of the games shown, but the policies that go with your gameplay on the Xbox One is what’s taking center stage. The more negative press I read during this week of E3 2013 the more I think of Adam Orth, a man who may of intentionally or accidentally prepared us for the Xbox One.

Adam Orth responded with the following statement on Twitter while defending an always online console:

“Just deal with it”

Don Mattrick recently gave this statement when trying to convince Geoff Keighley about the benefits of a connected console.

“Fortunately we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity, it’s called Xbox 360.”

As you can see, both responses are similar but Don’s is more damaging. Adam told us that we should accept that fact that a lot of devices in our modern world are online. On the other hand, Don Mattrick is telling consumers to stick with a current-gen console if they don’t approve of the Xbox One, or in other words don’t buy it. I believe it’s bad business to tell consumers to stick with an aging console and not buy the new one you are spending time and money advertising.

A “good” thing is that only requiring a 24-hour check is a lot better than an always online connection. I’m not saying be happy with Microsoft’s decision, just entertain the possibility that the controversy Adam stirred up on Twitter could have forced Microsoft to compromise their original vision of the console.

In closing I would like to present a scenario to you. What if Adam Orth didn’t share his opinions on Twitter a couple of months ago? I would imagine the backlash Microsoft is receiving from gamers would be 10 times worse than it is now.

Honestly we should be thanking Adam for softening the blow.

  • brianc6234

    Don’t buy an Xbone or a 360. Invest your money wisely. Buy a PS4.

  • J A H

    I think Microsoft is trying to trick us; pull a “rope a dope”. I think this whole DRM controversy is just a means to distract us till the XboxOne launches. Eventually, probably right before launch, Microsoft will announce they will leave DRM in the hands of developers just like Sony. We’ll all cheer and Microsoft will be heroes and we’ll buy the XboxOne. In the process, we’ll forget all about our privacy concerns and internet connection or whatever Microsoft has up it’s sleeve. But they’ve got a plan.

  • leejohnson222

    i dont know this thing just gets worse, i just read Xbox 1 can not be sold 2nd hand, also noticed Dayz developer is releasing his game on ps4 but wont release on xbox1 due to MS publishing issues and charging large sums of cash to upload a patch if the game has a fault ! We have had so many hardcore xbox fans pre order the ps4 this week since E3, the price, the fact that sony don’t force you to have the camera, DRM, not always online, Game lending etc etc. MS seem to be poisoning themselves, i see Don mattick said if you have a poor internet connection we have a product for you, its called xbox 360, wow incredible, every-time they open their mouths it shows they think their customers are morons.