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Interworks Unlimited Has Kinect 2 for the Xbox One Covered

privacy cover
Charles King on November 19, 2013 - 9:02 pm in News, Tech, Xbox One

With the release of the Xbox One on the horizon, some fans might be concerned with their privacy while using their next-gen console. If you are one of them then the people at Interworks Unlimited has got your “covered” with a privacy cover designed for the Kinect 2 camera.

The accessory was designed with collaboration from Microsoft and features a slider to cover the lens and provides protection for you Kinect 2. The email we received from Interworks Unlimited stated that the Privacy Cover can be found at retailers for $19.99, but Amazon has the Xbox One Privacy Cover for $14.99 and is temporarily out of stock.

I would say that a third-party cover for your new Kinect 2 would be better than the alternatives, like a sock or a shirt you don’t wear anymore.

  • lesrima88

    lol will you guys be getting an xbox one soon?

    • http://www.gamesonsmash.com/ Charles King (DCI)

      Worsecase might get one when the new Fable drops. Other than that no lol. I actually want to get a Steam Box next year.